Friday, 15 February 2013

My fox now has a nose

I finally got around to quilting and binding my into the woods baby quilt.

I decided to back it with minky so I didn't use batting. I was very worried about the minky as I have seen so many people talking about how hard it is to work with on the net.
I used spray baste and a few pins and it was fine.... I was fine..... I can do anything as long as I take my time and concentrate (positive thinking)

I tried a zig-zag binding because I have heard you shouldnt hand sew the binding on baby quilts. I am not really happy with it. I know I need more practice but I still think I would prefer to hand sew my bindings. It really is my favourite step.

Now my fox finally has his nose. I step I choose to complete after quilting and binding. Dont ask what goes through my head sometimes. I quilted squares around the  fox about three inches apart.

It is such a warm and cuddly quilt. My 22 year old brother has already tested it out and I am sure he would claim it if it was bigger. Now I have another person on my list of people who need quilts.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cushion Swap!

I was recently involved in a cushion swap run by Sue at quilted hugs we each got to choose the colours we wanted and what room the cushion was for. It was a secret swap so the person I was making for was not the person making my cushion.
My partner picked green for the bedroom. I was not really sure if the room in was made for really made a difference to me but I'm still learning.
This is the cushion I made. The blue-green points that look like flying geese are only sewed down on the long side so they flap. I think they are fun.
This is the first project I made using no pattern, tutorial, instructions etc. I saw a similar photo in a magazine and decided to try to make it. It was a challenge trying to work out sizes but I'm pretty proud of my self.
I really hope my partner likes it. I always find with swaps I doubt myself so much and I worry that my work isn't good enough.

I asked for a yellow and grey cushion for the bedroom. I love my cushion. Isn't it lovely.
I would like to thank Allison for making me such a pretty cushion and to thank Sue for organising the swap.

The zig zag pattern is exactly the same as the one on the quilt that is currently on my bed. The colours don't match but eventually I will have a grey and yellow quilt on my bed and the cushion will match perfectly. Grey and yellow are a very special colour combination to me so that is why I asked for those colours even though they don't match with anything yet.