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Leap Day!!!

Happy 29th of February!
As the 29th of February only comes along once every four years I wanted to do something special as I am still of work because of my ankle. The problem is with a sore ankle and this rainy weather there is not much I can do.
So I settled on some sewing.
I finished sewing together my first ever quilt top!!! Woo Hoo.

I have made a third fabric postcard, just have to finish binding it and I am experimenting with making ruffles.

xxx oo

Sitting on my butt

I sprained my ankle and now have the next three days off work. Three days off with my foot up means alot of hand stitching.
However I gave up TV for lent and it's only lunch time and I'm already getting restless.
I joined my first ever swap. It's a  fabric post card swap and it's still open until the second of march (I think) so I might try to make a couple more.

Hello out there

Welcome to Shakey Stitches. As a beginner quilter I decided to setup this blog so I can watch my quilting progress as I hopefully improve. I have named it Shakey Stitches as I have shakey hands, therefore my work isn't the neatest. Why do my hands shake? I'm not sure, all I know is that they do and they shake worse when I'm tired. I hope you would like to share my journey to quilt-greatness and we can share tricks and tips along the way.

xxx ooo