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Moony got her eyes

I gave Moony her eyes and she looks so much cuter.

 I think she even looks a bit cheeky. I hide her around the house as she is a pretty nice surprise.

 I still need to work on my photo editing but I hope that comes with practice.   I hope you had a nice weekend xxx ooo

Needle felting

Towards the end of last year I started needle felting. I don't really know how I got into it or even heard of it but I would watch videos on youtube. I found the sound so soothing and it would actually help me sleep which is a big issue for me.
I made a few small items from kits but over easter I decided to make my own something without a pattern or instructions.
I saw on pinterest someone had made a belted Galloway (a type of cow) and it was so cute.
I used to own a few Galloways without the belts. My favourite one Moony was beautiful she was black and had long curly hair, I would brush her and walk them around and take them to shows. She was too small and would never win but I still always led her in shows and gave Muffin to other people even though she was a natural winner.
When she had her first calf I got to the paddock in the morning and she was standing next to him, she saw me and started mooing, It wasn't until I got to them that she walked away from her sleeping baby …