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A brief warning our next bit of programing could possibly induce a toxic mix of stock and nostalgia as for why two words ROLLER DERBY!

Thats right folks roller derby has taken over my life. I started in July and I havent looked back. I am still on my path to greatness but I can already see how it has changed me as a person.

As I said it has taken over my life, I train twice a week, go to games on the weekends, I am thinking about it constantly, I listen to podcasts (the first sentence of this post was stolen from the viva la derby podcast intro)

I go straight to training from work so I get there an hour early, this means I have a fair about of time for hand sewing.

I have also made a couple of outfits for my self

My favorite would have to be this skirt. Its a full circle skirt and I used a technique from Handstitched class to sew on the white bias binding. I have just overlocked the bottom in RED! I was supposed to hem it aswell but I was too excited and I had to try it out.
I got so…