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Handstitched coaster sneak peak

So I started my Sashiko coasters from Hand stitched class. I have only completed one but I really like it.
I was a little down so I used the colours grey and yellow. That colour combo always make me think of sunshine sneaking through the clouds on a rainy day.

The pattern reminds me of chicken wire. I will have to finish the others so I can use them. I have found a use for one coaster. It sits on my bed side table (or should I say bed side filing cabinet) and I put a glass on water on it at night. I quite like it and will have to make a whole set soon.
Someone at work said we need coasters in the lab because there are coffee rings all over our desk. I thought about making these coasters for everyone but they are too pretty and I don't want people spilling coffee on my hard work. especially when I don't even drink the stuff.

Mail time

Look what I got in the mail

I have big plans for the 'a walk in the woods' charm pack. Well not big plans, a baby quilt but if it turns out how I imagine it will be great.

In other news I have joined a mug rug swap.
It is combining two of my greatest joys. Sewing and wait for it...
Harry Potter!!!
It is a Harry Potter Mug Rug Swap. I am so excited. They need more members though so if you like Harry Potter you should join too. This is the group.