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Earlier this year I signed up to three swaps on instagram as well as the hexie flower swap.
That was before everything in my life went wrong at the same time.
I have sent off and received packages for the dog mini swap and the unicorn swap. I will post photos of what I received on a later date. I forgot to take photos of the packages I sent because I was so excited. Unfortunately the dog swap never arrived and I am still waiting for the unicorn one to arrive but I am expecting it to take a while to get to Brazil.

I am finally getting back into the swing of things so I will show you the fabric postcards I sent off last week. The swap was make three fabric postcards and send them to three different partners. You will then receive three postcards from three different people.

Two of them are going to the UK and one is going to Canada. I was a bit worried posting them because you don't put them in an envelope you use them as an ordinary postcard. I sent them last week so they wouldn…

June Flowers

Here are the flowers I have sent to my partner.

She asked for flowers with pink or purple petals and neutral centres. I hope she likes them.

I have yet to receive any flowers so I will show you the ones I have made myself. I have asked for pastel petals with a fussy cut centre.

Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap

May was my first month in the inchy hexagon flower swap!  I have asked for pastel petals with a fussy cut centre. My partner asked for bright solid petals with black solid centres. 

I hope she likes them.
My plan is to make the required two for my partner and two for myself each month. In may month I made myself three so I'm already ahead.

Moony got her eyes

I gave Moony her eyes and she looks so much cuter.

 I think she even looks a bit cheeky. I hide her around the house as she is a pretty nice surprise.

 I still need to work on my photo editing but I hope that comes with practice.   I hope you had a nice weekend xxx ooo

Needle felting

Towards the end of last year I started needle felting. I don't really know how I got into it or even heard of it but I would watch videos on youtube. I found the sound so soothing and it would actually help me sleep which is a big issue for me.
I made a few small items from kits but over easter I decided to make my own something without a pattern or instructions.
I saw on pinterest someone had made a belted Galloway (a type of cow) and it was so cute.
I used to own a few Galloways without the belts. My favourite one Moony was beautiful she was black and had long curly hair, I would brush her and walk them around and take them to shows. She was too small and would never win but I still always led her in shows and gave Muffin to other people even though she was a natural winner.
When she had her first calf I got to the paddock in the morning and she was standing next to him, she saw me and started mooing, It wasn't until I got to them that she walked away from her sleeping baby …

Garden Steps Quilt

I finished my Garden Steps quilt last year as a late fiftieth birthday present to my mum. I really didn't want to give it away because I'm mighty proud of it.
I took some photos today.

I followed the clover and violet garden steps quilt along. I started with them way back in February 2012 so it only took me two years to complete. I used two layers of bamboo batting as the mountains nights get quite cool. I also added sashing and a border to make it a bit bigger.

I love the embroidered centres. They were the perfect size for doing while sitting in front of the tv.

I really love this block, I feel like they got on the ombre bandwagon before it was cool. they might be the hipsters of the sewing world.

The last block was a label bock but I didn't want to label my quilt at the time so I changed the embroidery  pattern a bit from Clover and Violets Ruby market tote. Something about this block reminds me of an Australian native but I'm not sure which one.


I'm baaaaaack

I am back to blogging after almost two years off.  I've still been sewing and reading blogs but I've just been keeping really quiet. I've had a hard few years and a lot has happened and is still happening that I am currently processing so I have taken a break for some me time.
Today I signed up for the quilted cats dog-days-of-summer-mini-quilt-swap sign up closes on the 15th of April so sign up quick if dogs are your thang! The postage date is in August so there is plenty of time to get it done.
It is all done on instagram. This is a big thing for me because I keep my sewing completely quiet and nobody even knows I have a blog so for my sewing and real life to cross over is a little bit scary.
My instagram name is fisty_muff if your interested.

                                              This is Bindi my inspiration for this swap.

Speak to you soon