Saturday, 11 April 2015

Garden Steps Quilt

I finished my Garden Steps quilt last year as a late fiftieth birthday present to my mum. I really didn't want to give it away because I'm mighty proud of it.
I took some photos today.

I followed the clover and violet garden steps quilt along. I started with them way back in February 2012 so it only took me two years to complete. I used two layers of bamboo batting as the mountains nights get quite cool. I also added sashing and a border to make it a bit bigger.

I love the embroidered centres. They were the perfect size for doing while sitting in front of the tv.

I really love this block, I feel like they got on the ombre bandwagon before it was cool. they might be the hipsters of the sewing world.

The last block was a label bock but I didn't want to label my quilt at the time so I changed the embroidery  pattern a bit from Clover and Violets Ruby market tote. Something about this block reminds me of an Australian native but I'm not sure which one.

                                                  I love this one too, it just looks so neat!

This one is probably my least favourite, I don't know why, maybe just my colour choices.

                                                       I love, love, love the dragon fly!

I went back to look at the pattern to see what stitch I used for the centre but mine is different to the one on the blog but I can't remember why I changed the stitch. Anyway I really like it.

I pretty much love all the blocks and I cannot chose a favourite. As you can see it is really wrinkled with love and use.


  1. Yay for finishing such a gorgeous quilt!! It's such fun colours and the embroidered centers taking it to a whole new level. Your mum will love it!

  2. Thanks. Yeah she really loves it.