Friday, 26 October 2012

Time flys when your having... fun!

October has been crazy! I started of Blogtoberfest with all these grand plans but it all fizzed out pretty quickly.
I have been super busy with sport, craft night, the gym, work and friends and I do not have a night free all week.
Tonight I am treating myself to a night in so I thought it would be best to catch up.
My phone is not sending photos to my computer anymore and I can't get them off. I don't know how to fix it.

I made a bag using this tutorial from clover and violet.
It was super easy to make and it looks great.

I made mine a little smaller than they did. I am using to to carry around my paper piecing. It is the perfect size.

I have joined a siggy swap! It is still open if you want to join. It can be found here.
I am planning on using this fabric as I have it in my stash.
The swap is for modern fabric only and I know that the Little Apples line came out last year. Is it still modern enough?
I am so excited about this swap. The first time I heard about a siggy swap I didn't understand the point. I thought why would anyone want a quilt made out of blocks with signatures of people I didn't even know.
Then I thought about it a little more. Every single one of those blocks is made by someone I don't know that have lovingly made a block just for me. I think it will be a great quilt when I'm having a bad day to cuddle up with.


  1. You are busy!! Your bag turned out so cute, I especially love the fabric you chose!! That swap looks very interesting!!

  2. Love that tote! The siggy swap sounds fun - look forward to seeing the blocks!