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Week 2!

I am a little behind in Hand Stitched Class.
I finished hand sewing the centre medallion. I redid it because I wasn't happy with my points and the size and spacing of my stitches. I couldn't get my points right the second time so I made a modification. I added the bubbles on the end.
I am really happy with it.
I haven't trimmed the yellow border yet because I want to have a little bit extra in case it frays when I'm doing my hand stitching on the white border.

IMG_1731[1], a photo by Shakey Stitches on Flickr.

That brings me up to date on week one.

I have only completed one project from week two so far.

It's a head band. It was so quick so I will definitely be making more in many different colours and patterns.
I like that the elastic makes it gather just a little bit.
I have loved looking at everyones projects on the flickr group. There is some serious talent in this class!

Handstitched class!

Week one of Rachel's from stitched in color handstitch class has come and gone. I loved it.

Each week we do part of a quilt and a couple of single projects.

I haven't done the quilt centre yet but I have finished the other projects.

  My needle book is actually an inch smaller than it should be because I wasn't paying enough attention when I was cutting the felt whoops! It is still big enough to hold my little scissors, a few needles and a bit of thread so I'm not worried.
  I love my top!!! I only bought a cheap top to practise on. It was on sale for $6 and when I went to pay it was only $2. Bargain! I really enjoyed the whole process. I put it on as soon as I finished the last stitch and I wore it out only to spill 'italian hot chocolate' down the front.

I want to try a pair of pants next. I think it would look really good around the bottom of each leg. I will have to think about that more though.

Block one!

I have finished my fisrt block for my clover and violet garden steps quilt a long.

I really like it. It's got my own shakey twist to it.

Tomorrow the handstitched class starts at stitched in color. I am super excited!