Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 2!

I am a little behind in Hand Stitched Class.
I finished hand sewing the centre medallion. I redid it because I wasn't happy with my points and the size and spacing of my stitches. I couldn't get my points right the second time so I made a modification. I added the bubbles on the end.
I am really happy with it.
I haven't trimmed the yellow border yet because I want to have a little bit extra in case it frays when I'm doing my hand stitching on the white border.

IMG_1731[1] by Shakey Stitches
IMG_1731[1], a photo by Shakey Stitches on Flickr.

That brings me up to date on week one.

I have only completed one project from week two so far.

It's a head band. It was so quick so I will definitely be making more in many different colours and patterns.
I like that the elastic makes it gather just a little bit.

I have loved looking at everyones projects on the flickr group. There is some serious talent in this class!


  1. What a pretty block! The hairband is very cute, love the little knots and the colors too!

  2. Pretty block indeed, love the print you chose for the dogwood blossom. Cute hairband too.

    1. Thankyou. The print was a gift and I have been saving it for something special. I think this is pretty special.

  3. Very nice! Your modification on the blossom turned out great and it's a good idea not to trim the outer border because mine is fraying a bit.