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Mini Quilt

I have finally done something with an EPP hexagon I made in Handstitched Class, original post here that was way back in October last year. 

It was supposed to be put on a canvas as wall art but when I finished it I thought it was destined for something greater like a bag or a quilt made out of heaps of them. Since then I haven't made a single one so I don't think the quilt plan will ever happen.
Then I did something a bit silly, well actually quite dumb. I took out all the basting stitches and paper templates, I think in the hopes of using them to make more blocks.
So I have had this hexagon block sitting in my WIP box with its edges fraying and losing shape.
I didn't know what it was going to be when I appliqued it onto some fabric and started hand quilting it, when I finished the hand quilting it sat there for a couple of weeks just waiting to be something so I ended up hand sewing on some binding so it would be finished.

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