Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mini Quilt

I have finally done something with an EPP hexagon I made in Handstitched Class, original post here that was way back in October last year. 

It was supposed to be put on a canvas as wall art but when I finished it I thought it was destined for something greater like a bag or a quilt made out of heaps of them. Since then I haven't made a single one so I don't think the quilt plan will ever happen.
Then I did something a bit silly, well actually quite dumb. I took out all the basting stitches and paper templates, I think in the hopes of using them to make more blocks.
So I have had this hexagon block sitting in my WIP box with its edges fraying and losing shape.
I didn't know what it was going to be when I appliqued it onto some fabric and started hand quilting it, when I finished the hand quilting it sat there for a couple of weeks just waiting to be something so I ended up hand sewing on some binding so it would be finished.

I am a massive self doubter, I don't feel like anything I do is good enough, everything I do I have a pros and cons list running through my head but today the pros won and I was almost able to talk myself out of the cons. Today is a good day.

-It's finished, it could have maybe been something better but its finished.
-It was my first taste of EPP and it was love at first stitch
-It has fabric scraps from two different quilts I am yet to finish so at least I can look at them while I wait for the real things
-It is completely hand sew, even the binding was done by hand. That feels like something special to me.
- I love the feel of hand quilting
- I didn't do any quilting on the background so now that I have washed in the hexagon is full of wrinkly goodness and I have irons the background for some smoothness.

-The binding is a bit thick and I'm not sure it is exactly right (remember it was sewed entirely by hand who cares if its a bit thick)
-It could of been something better (it is finished, it's not in a box and it will look pretty on the wall or on a table, could I have really made it into something better or would I just mess it up and have nothing to show for it in the end. Plus do I really have the time to try to make everything into a masterpiece)
-Its a bit wonky (thats what you get for taking out the templates and leaving it a box!)


  1. It looks great to me. There's a saying that says 'A finished quilt is better than a perfect one'. Mini quilts are fun because you can hang them on the wall and see them all the time.

  2. I think it looks great too.