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Opps a daisy

A while back I mentioned I was doing the garden steps quiltalong at clover and violet. I even have a button on the side of my blog! I finished the blocks. I'm a little behind but that doesn't matter. The problem is I made a mistake, I don't know how it happened but I have three rings around my centre square instead of four ':(

I am thinking of adding some sashing to make it a bit bigger. Maybe a border too but I don't know if that will be too much.
Any advice will be much appreciated.

I'm off to try some hand stitching.

Travel sewing kit.

Yesterday I helped my brother sew up a ripped pocket on one of his coats. He also sewed on a button. He was pretty chuffed.

Then he brought out his favourite button up top and asked if I could fix it. It is a nice shirt, its made from Italian cotton but it's old.

It wasn't good.

The seam from the arm to the collar was ripped. There were holes all along the back seam. The fabric was disintegrating.
I thought about it, I could put some thing like a lining under it but then it wouldn't be as soft and I think that it would be a bit out of my skill level.
I put on a sympathetic face and told him "there is nothing more I could do"

I used a piece of it to make him a little sewing kit. He can leave it in the glove box of his car and hopefully it will come in handy one day.

It had a red binding to match the pocket but he didn't like it so I took it off and used a zig zag stitch around the edges.
It comes with needles, pins, safety pins, buttons, and a bobbin of…

Small blog meet

Lynne at lilys quilts is having a small blog meet. It is for blogs with less than 50 followers to meet other people in blogland (yays thats me! I just got my first follower this week yay!!!)

You link to the page and then visit and follow four other blogs that have also linked to the page.

There is a button but I can't remember how to add them and I'm too tired to try right now so this link will go to the page which I'm pretty sure is the same thing.