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Tula Pink City Sampler Blocks 7,8 and 9

I have decided to do group posts from now on for my City Sampler blocks. I am linking them to the sew sweetness city sampler along so they have to be separate for each block but it was driving me nuts so I am now linking from Flickr so I can do group posts here.

So here they are

Block 7

Extra time

That assignment I thought was due in 2 days is actually due in a month and two days :)

Block 8
Hellfire Honey
 Just another roller derby bout  that I NSOed in. I was the only NSO from our league and I was penalty box captain so it was a big deal for me.

Block 9
Pick Pockets and Rascals

My brother organised a gig with some amazing musicians and arranged some of their songs to be played with a twenty piece orchestra, it was pretty fantastic and I was stage manager!

City Sampler block 6

I have an assignment due in two days so I made this block.
                         I have almost finished my assignment I just have a couple more things to do.

Tula Pink city sampler block 5

Today a friend from work left, it was really sad and I am terrible with goodbyes. I managed not to cry until I got in the car.
I knew I wanted to make a block for Jodie but I knew it had to be happy colours and not dark are gloomy like I really felt like making it.
I think it's cheerful enough that when I see it I can feel happy for Jodie going on a new adventure, meeting new people. Change is a good thing no matter how scary we find it.

City Sampler Block 4

My Roller Derby league just had a home bout (the one I dressed up as a parrot for), even though I am not able to play yet I was still expected to help out. There were heaps of roles to fill everything from selling raffle tickets and cooking the sausage sizzle. One game needs seven referees and about thirteen NSOs (Non Skating Officials) I was one of the NSOs. I was penalty box captain. I was super nervous as it's a very important job and I had three other NSOs in the box to captain. I had to remember so many tricky rules but I managed not to make any mistakes. I feel like I did a good job.
I named this block "Penalty Box Captain" to help me remember not to doubt myself which is something I do way too much.

Tula Pink City Sampler Block 3

I was at work when I could hear this drumming sound, I looked around but I couldn't work out where it was coming from. I looked at my friend Rachelle we both paused and said "Jumanji". It was kind of creepy and I was expecting a stampede of elephants or something.
That is how block three was born
I was on edge for the rest of the day so I really love the inspirational words in the middle square.

City Sampler Block 2

Here is my second block from the book Tula Pink's City Sampler.

I named it 'Did I mention I'm a freakin white star'
In Roller Derby we have levels before we can bout.
I have just passed the first test so now I'm a white star. I never want to forget the feeling I felt when I passed so that is why I chose the name.

I am totally awesome and now I can hit girls.

Tula Pink's City Sampler

I love this book, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

I love that the blocks are numbered and not named. I am using this book as a journal. I am not very good at keeping journals I always forget to write in them.  Each time I make a block I will name it after something that has happened in my life and write a little bit about it in the book.

I am going to use the lines marmalade and odds and ends as well as some scraps but each block will have some of this marmalade fabric to hopefully tie it all together as I am still learning how to match colours and fabrics.
I had a plan when I bought a few yards of this but I can't remember what that plan was so this is my plan to use it.

Here is my first block
I really like how it's turned out so far and I hope the rest look this good.
I named it "If all goes to plan" because I was planning to use it as my block for the sampler bee. I really like it so I will use it.

I hope all you Aussies enjoyed your long weekend, I know I did.