Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tula Pink City Sampler Blocks 7,8 and 9

I have decided to do group posts from now on for my City Sampler blocks. I am linking them to the sew sweetness city sampler along so they have to be separate for each block but it was driving me nuts so I am now linking from Flickr so I can do group posts here.

So here they are

Block 7

Extra time

That assignment I thought was due in 2 days is actually due in a month and two days :)

Block 8

Hellfire Honey

 Just another roller derby bout  that I NSOed in. I was the only NSO from our league and I was penalty box captain so it was a big deal for me.

Block 9
Pick Pockets and Rascals

My brother organised a gig with some amazing musicians and arranged some of their songs to be played with a twenty piece orchestra, it was pretty fantastic and I was stage manager!


  1. Such cute fabrics you have chosen for these blocks

  2. I love the stories you've put with each block. I'm curious what the gig was that you were stage manager for, it sounds cool!!

    1. Here is a link to the gigs page, see if you like it, there may be another one soon https://www.facebook.com/PickpocketsAndRascals