Monday, 27 May 2013


This weekend I planned to get a start on my bee blocks but I ended up doing something completely different.

My Roller Derby League was having its first home team bout.
It had a theme of 'pirates of the caribeating'.
It's already really cold in the mountains so I wanted to wear something I would be warm in, as I had the role of penalty box captain so I would be sitting for the whole bout.
Then it struck me, what does every pirate need....

A parrot!!!

I search the shops for a parrot costume but I couldn't find anything, so I made my own.
I bought 2.5 metres of red polar fleece and started cutting.
I didnt use a pattern or any measurements.
I am pretty happy with the results.

The shoes are my ugg boots covered in the same polar fleece. I was toasty warm all night. I hugged alot of cold pirates as my wing were like built in blankets.

It was a fun night but I don't think I'll be making more parrot suits any time soon, it wasn't hard but I feel like it was a fluke and if I was to try again it wouldn't work.

Ohh and I came second in the costume competition.


  1. Hello crimson rozella! What a brilliant costume!! Sounds cosy enough to wear all winter.

    1. It's so cosy. I just need to find an excuse to wear it again.

  2. You did a good job on it to not have a pattren, it fit's good. I like the color.