Dad's quilt

Approximately three years ago I started making a quilt for each of my parents to give to them for their fiftieth birthdays that year.
I completed Mums one last year and now I have finished my Dads just under three years late.
I used a Simply Style jelly roll by V and Co. I tried to use the least floral strips and left out all the pinks and purples.

I have backed it with flannel. The animals in their glasses and bow ties remind me of little animal maths teachers. My Dad is a maths teacher so I thought it was very fitting.

I had a few mishaps with this quilt. I ran out of grey fabric and to make it big enough I added two black squares with a very similar grey. Then after washing it I was just checking for loose treads to trim off and I noticed a hole in a seam next to one of these plain grey blocks, so I was ironing it to make it lay flat before I hand sewed the hole shut and the fabric melted. I dont know what it was and where I found it but it had a big melted patch about the size of a fifty cent piece.
I sewed some hexies over it and called it a day.
This is a photo my Dad sent me. You can see the hexies in this photo.
Dad is so pleased with it. I told him about my melting mishap as I cannot lie. His favourite part was that I stitched the year along one edge, it is very tiny. I am not one to put labels on my quilts. That may change and I may regret it later but it is what is right for me at the moment.


  1. I love that your quilt is brand new and already has stories that give it character. Sewn on hexies are a great idea to cover up the hole. I love the fun flannel print on the back too. Your dad will treasure this quilt!


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