Today was a scary day to live in the Blue Mountains. Today was a scary day for anyone living in Australia really with the Catastrophic fire danger rating.
Last time this happened I remember packing a small bag of my treasures and we evacuated to a family members house that was out of danger. Among those treasures I had packed some newly acquired fabric. I wish I could remember what that fabric I treasured so dearly was.
Today we stayed. All day I felt unsettled waiting for the unknown. Checking fires near me every minute.
I decided to see to keep my mind off the possibility of the fire. I sewed and sewed and sewed. I followed Stitched in  Color penny patch along.
I had thought about this quilt for years and today was the day to make it. Unfortunately my mind being in other places I made some errors while cutting and trimming so seams don’t match up but I don’t care enough to fix it. It has served its purpose... the distraction I needed.

I am very greatful that the fires weren’t as bad as expected (as terrible as they are) and so thank ful for the firefighters that worked so hard to keep us all safe.


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